API-first meets Java

Introduction In this workshop, we’re going to define a REST API and implement it in Java. Furthermore, we’re going to […]

Designing REST APIs – lessons learnt

Introduction We’ve been designing and deploying micro-services with REST APIs for a while now, using API-First design. Time to document […]

API-First Design

Introduction We have been applying API-First design principles for several years now and advise our customers to do the same. […]

git workshop

Introduction In this post, we’ll cover the basics of using the git source control system, which has emerged as the […]

VMWare Clarity/Angular modal dialogs

The VMWare Clarity Design System documentation is a bit vague about how modal dialogs should be handled. The examples presented […]

Letsencrypt in 15 minutes

I was looking for a simple  way to use Let’s Encrypt to enable https for a web site and I […]

Borg backup

Borg backup (https://github.com/borgbackup) is an open source backup tool which, in addition to the usual backup features like strong client-side […]