A Wicket form validator for a list of email addresses

I needed to validate a list of email addresses entered into a Wicket text area (a cc: list of email addresses). To do this, I created a simple form validator which breaks up the list from the text area into individual email addresses and then uses the EmailAddressValidator to validate them individually. It illustrates a few Wicket techniques: (a) how to validate a field containing several values which need to be validated individually and (b) how to use a Validator against a string instead of a form component. Anyway, here’s the code in case its of use to anyone.

class CCValidator extends AbstractFormValidator implements Serializable {
	private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
	private final TextArea cc;

	public CCValidator(TextArea cc) {
		this.cc = cc;

	public FormComponent[] getDependentFormComponents() {
		return new FormComponent[] { cc };

	public void validate(Form form) {
		String cc_entered = cc.getConvertedInput();
		String[] ccList = cc_entered.split("rn");
		for (String email : ccList) {
			if (!isValidEmailAddress(email)) {
				Map map = super.variablesMap();
				map.put("email_address", email);
				error(cc, "invalid_cc", map);

	private boolean isValidEmailAddress(final String emailAddress) {
		Validatable v = new Validatable(emailAddress);
		return v.isValid();

To use it, add it to the form as follows:

form.add(new CCValidator(cc));
// where cc is the TextArea where the cc list should be entered

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